February 24, 2019. 2:00pm-5:00pm


Come out and sample many different strains of cannabis, pre-rolls, CBD bar, swag bag giveaways and raffles.

This event is sponsor by Ignite Cannabis Co.

420 Happy Hour allow members to sample many different cannabis products for medical and recreation. 

420 Happy Hour is a unique experience designed for Cannabis Lovers. We created this experience as a way to turn what would otherwise be a regular happy hour into a unique experience of learning, meeting like-minded friends and of course smoking, drinking and eating  delicious foods.

Throughout the 420 happy; we’ll keep sample of cannabis coming and provide you with music, giveaways and fun. 

What you will enjoy!  $10 DONATION  $40.00 DONATION. (All Inclusive)

Ø Delicious Appetizers

Ø Premium Beers and Wine

Ø Freedom to consume whatever recreational cannabis products (BYOC) you desire in a social environment. 

EDIBOL 300 South Santa Fe Ave. ANGELES, CA 90013


Must be 21 years or older and a member of the Cannabis Members Club to attend.                                                                        

420 happy Hour is hosted in Los Angeles CA.. at the  beautiful Cannabis Members Club room (private location); don’t learn the exact location until you buy tickets.

MAKE A RESERVATION Must make reservation Wednesday before each Friday 420 Happy Hour. (Only 60 tickets will be sold) 

 Please put 420 HH in the subject 

Book Your Reservation