Members-Only Cannabis Club




The Cannabis Members Room is an exclusive member’s only Cannabis Club

that offers membership to men and women who appreciate the pleasures of cannabis. At our club, Members have the opportunity to enjoy Cannabis Infused Dinners, 420 Coffee Breaks, High Tea, Cannabis After 5, 420 Happy Hour and other member only events with people who share this and other lifestyle interests. 


The Cannabis Members Room reflects a relaxed and casual attitude in a friendly tranquil environment. The Cannabis Room is also available for members to enjoy camaraderie, entertain clients and friends, conduct business meeting and smoke cannabis in a safe private atmosphere.    

Cannabis Tasting

Join us each week for our Cannabis Tasting Party. The individual participation will sample many different strain names of cannabis, plus you’ll receive a smoking pipe and a cannabis tasting notebook that includes a tasting guide and an aroma chart for you to take home.  We’ve put together a cannabis tasting is designed to clear up any confusion, de-mystify your palate, and increase your enjoyment and appreciation of cannabis. The tasting covers all aspects of cannabis tasting including sight, aroma, taste, name, strain, along with covering the concepts of typicty and terror. Taught by cannabis growers. budtenders and cannabis professionals.  Also your tasting will be paired with cannabis infused dinners, hors d’oeuvre and/or edible dessert bar.  

For strains, food and price options  please email us and a Membership Representative will contact you.         


Book Your Reservation

Host your private tasting party.   
For strains, food and price options please email us and membership representative will contact you.