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Get your WauiBox cannabis tasting flights of high-quality cannabis delivered right to your door every month.

WauiBox is a personalized monthly subscription cannabis tasting box that contain 8 jars of different strains of high-quality cannabis delivered right to your door each month.

Many time we go to the dispensary not knowing what to purchase; there are so many strains to choose from. It’s a little overwhelming. 

WauiBox cannabis tasting flights takes the guesswork out of decision making by allow you to personalized your cannabis or try many different strains of cannabis each month.  

WauiBox cannabis tasting is designed to clear up any confusion such as not knowing what to purchase when you visit your local dispensary.  We bring the dispensary experience right to your home!  


WauiBox.com will de-mystify your palate and increase your enjoyment and appreciation of cannabis. WauiBox tasting cover all aspects of cannabis tasting including sight, aroma, taste, name, strain, along with covering the many health benefits of cannabis such as helping patients manage the symptoms of cancer, anxiety, ALS, arthritis, and many more. 

WauiBox is for both medical and recreational and gives you the luxury of not leaving the house. WauiBox will help many patients who find it hard to leave their homes or cannot physically spend extender period of time transit. Also, for those who live a discreet lifestyle. 




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